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We're here to show you how to be more productive working from home. Stop trading in precious time on fruitless activities and unneccessary distractions. Rather, be inspired, motivated and more productive while you work from home.

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Maybe it's because of self-discipline or focus. Or perhaps you lack the social interaction by being home alone.  

Or maybe it's friends or family continually interrupting you while you’re working.

Or perhaps you lose track of time when working and is motivation ridiculously hard to find?

Do you stare at your list of things you need to do and think “But how do I even begin?”

When working from home as a small business owner or an online worker, there’s bound to be distractions, loneliness, instability of the job, guilt and a challenging working environment.

The distractions cause us to lose focus.

One minute we’re working on our laptop, and the next we’re in the kitchen snacking.

Then the minute after we’re comfortable working at our desk, the next we’re too relaxed, and our motivation is gone.

We enjoy the flexibility and freedom, but we feel lonely and frustrated when everyone else is working.

So how do we be more productive at home? Do we use some weird productivity tips or hacks? How do we ensure we get maximum productivity?

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With all the constant distractions at home, it really takes a lot of self-discipline and focus working from home. So how do you begin? 

Revealing a Mouthwatering Blend of Productivity Juice

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When we're looking to be more productive, we often reach for the nearest hack, tip, and solution. But does that fit in our overall workflow?

Our brains are wired to relax in the comfort of our homes. When we’re trying to start working from home we all typically take the easy way out. We realize two hours later that we’ve been reading Reddit, Facebook, and Wikipedia. And this could really hurt your business.

The productivity solutions out there will tell you to download apps, get your to-do list right and hunker down and squeeze that juice. But are these solutions even proven, how do we even start implementing them, and do they work conflict-free with each other?

Let’s find out. So come explore with us the enchanting world of productivity where we debunk the productivity myth of working from home. Instead of drinking from the same productivity tips Kool-Aid, we’ll have a scrumptious time sipping from the juice of home efficiency.

Productive Or Not, this website, will give you actionable strategies that are battle tested that build upon each other to give you work satisfaction at home. The articles and videos are absolutely free.

What Makes Productive Or Not Unique?

The one thing that separates Productive Or Not from any other home productivity website is the Fisheye Lens. Whether you read an article, watch a video, flip through a book, you’ll find a refined focusing system in place.

This focusing system of the Fisheye Lens never leaves one topic on its own. Instead, the topic is presented as part of the interrelated web of productivity. It’s like choosing two, three or more items from a buffet but knowing that together they form a delicious meal.

I’ve spent too many unproductive hours on the internet trying to research productivity. And frankly, I’m upset at the amount of get-productive-fast schemes, shallow tips, and padded fluff. The reason for this website is to bring simplicity to a series of topics including productive working online from home, building social community outside of work, finding online jobs, and home office setup.

Soon you’ll discover the magic of the fisheye lens for yourself and how these topics blend into one powerful productive smoothie.

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Productivity through the eyes of a fish. See all the moving parts at the same time.