6 Types of Desks that Can Boost Your Productivity in Their Own Way

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Having the right workspace can make the difference between lacking any enthusiasm for your work and becoming a productivity monster.

And more often than not it all comes down to selecting the right desk. In the end, that’s the main piece of furniture which holds your computer, books and writing utensils.

Fortunately, there are hundreds of different work desks you could choose from. But, following general advice is not always the right thing to do. Why?

This is because we all have different requirements when it comes to the style and desk features.

For example, some people can’t write a word at a modern, super fancy writing table. Surprisingly though, they get their brain juice flowing and spit out words like crazy when they work at a vintage writing desk. And what is your productivity kicker?

Let’s go over different types of desks:

  • Antique Desks
  • Computer Desks
  • Wood Desks
  • Writing Desks
  • Work Desks
  • Credenza Desks

The design of desks has evolved over the centuries. Because of that, there is no one unique style of antique desks. Their look will depend on their purpose, as well as the time they were created in and their original owner (if you’re buying a second-hand one, not a new one that’s designed to look old). Because of that, the types of desks that are antique can include:

  • Library table
  • Partner’s desk
  • Neoclassical desks
  • Campaign-style desks
  • Ladies’ desks
  • And many more. Basically, any desk that either is or looks old (or both)

Unfortunately, not all of them are equally comfortable. Sometimes, their purpose was to look good rather than be comfortable or increase productivity.

But, for some people working at a desk that just looks old can be a game changer. For example, if you have an artistic soul, you can feel highly energized and motivated working in a vintage rather than a modern workspace.

Old but gold type antique desks

The good news is, you don’t have to spend days trying to find an old desk only to pay for it hundreds or even thousands of dollars (and that’s a normal price for antique desks in a good condition). Instead, you can get a new desk that looks old. By doing that, you save a lot on the purchase and get a much lighter and more comfortable alternative that still looks cool. Let’s take a quick look at one great example of an antique desk that is actually new.

Sauder Carson Forge Desk with Washington Cherry Finish
Sauder carson forge antique type desk

The Sauder’s desk is a Cadillac in its pricing range.

Not only does it look old, but it actually doesn’t look like a recently manufactured (mass-produced) piece of furniture at all. 

On top of that, you get all the conveniences of a modern desk, including metal runners with safety stops for the drawers and a convenient shallow middle drawer that’s perfect for a laptop or a big notebook. And at dimensions of 53.19”H x 22.64”D x 29.8”H it should give you just the right amount of space.

If an antique desk is what drives your creativity, hit the below button and go to Amazon to see its latest price (it’s very affordable):

#2 | The 'Convenient and SturdyTypes of Computer Desks

Convenient sturdy types computer desks

Some people would say that a good computer desk is any desk that is comfortable enough for you to work on your computer. But they could not be further from the truth. In reality, to help you create a truly productive environment, modern types of computer desks should offer:

  • Lots of space (for mouse, speakers, printer, extra stuff such as notebooks)
  • Keyboard tray
  • Storage space for the CPU
  • Additional top for the second monitor/laptop
  • Sturdiness. You don’t want it to collapse together with your computer.

When it comes to design, some people prefer small tables while others opt for desks with as much space as possible. 

My personal favorite is the L-shaped types of desks. 

This is because they give me enough space for all my work stuff and allow me to use both desktop and laptop screens at the same time without feeling overwhelmed.

We furniture smoke glass corner desk

This desk has everything you might be wishing for when creating a computer workspace. A convenient keyboard tray, sturdy legs, and modern design (tempered safety glass!). At dimensions of 51”W x 20”D x 29”H, you get more than enough space for a comfortable working environment.

On top of that, a semi-isolated CPU stand makes accessing the CPU easy without it taking too much space under the desk. Hit the button below, to go to Amazon and see how convenient it is:

Greenforest L shape computer type office desk

Another spacious (58.1”L x 44.3”W x 19.1”D x 29.13”H) modern-design computer desk.

Available in four different colors (black, dark walnut, oak, walnut 3-D) it will be a perfect choice for every computer workspace of a busy professional.

Thanks to the foot pad protection, it won’t damage the floor making it possible to put it on any type of flooring. Not sure which L-shaped desk to choose? Hit the button below and see its Amazon reviews:

Tip: It could be that you don’t need all that and just want a simple table to put your laptop on. In this case, check out my top five bestselling modern desks article, in which I’m reviewing an example of exactly that.

#3 | The 'Always Trendy' Types of Wood Desks

Because wood can be used to create furniture of all shapes and sizes, the main feature of different types of wood desks is usually the wood they’ve been made of. These can include cherry, ebony (super expensive and dense), elm, mahogany, maple, oak, rosewood, teak, and walnut.

Always trendy types wood desks

Because some of the above are quite pricey, many desks are made of sturdy yet affordable hardwood (for example, oak), and have a special thin wood covering (veener) applied to change their look. That’s why, when choosing a wood desk, you should pay attention to the sturdiness of the actual wood used (and not the veener).

Naturally, the latter is still important – in the end, you want the desk to fit your workspace design. Luckily, if you choose the right wood desk, you don’t have to worry about this as some of the classic wood desks are among the most beautiful you can get.

Bush furniture L shaped wood type desk

Even though it’s another L-shaped desk on my list, L in its name could just as well stand for “elegant”. The beautiful Espresso Oak, Harvest Cherry, and Heather Grey coverings ensure that the desk is a perfect match for every stylish workspace.

And thanks to its handy storage cabinet, box drawer and add-ons such as a four-port USB hub, it’s an ideal modern desk for every (home) office that’ll definitely boost your productivity. To see all of its features as well as designs, hit the below button to jump straight to its Amazon product page:

Note: As it is quite large, you might prefer something a lot smaller – especially if all you need for your work is a laptop. In this case, check out the Ameriwood Home Delilah Parsons Desk with Drawer directly on Amazon or read its review in my minimalist desks article.

#4 | The 'Productive Creatives' Types of Writing Desks

The choice of a writing desk depends a lot on what you write and how you do it. For example, some writers will benefit more from an antique desk that just appeals to their sense of style and makes them feel truly productive. Others will prefer modern types of writing desks, which are usually distinguished by their simple design.

A desk that’s minimalistic helps create an environment that’s calming and makes it easy to focus.

Productive creatives types writing desks

On the other hand, it’s not for everyone – studies show that some people actually benefit from messy desks and clutter. But if simplicity is what boosts your productivity, you will love the below desk.

Coavas writing type desk

Folding, portable, simple and sturdy. These four features best describe the main benefits of this small yet extremely convenient writing desk. Its small size makes it easy to fit it anywhere you feel like working.

This means that you can work in different parts of your house depending on your mood.

And, once you finish your work, it’s easy to just fold it and relax, completely forgetting about your work for the rest of the day. If this sounds like a good plan for you, click the button to learn more about the desk:

Convenience concepts modern writing type desk

Feeling that the above desk is just too simple? Then I’m sure you’ll love this modern and convenient writing desk.

The beauty of it is that it’s super easy to put together and gives you lots of space both directly below the tabletop as well as on the extra shelves in its legs.

No more having to look around the house for writing utensils, your notes or swipe files. With this desk, everything is right at your fingertips.

#5 | The 'Modern Workforce' Types of Work Desks

Working usually means spending long hours at your desk. Even if you only work part-time in your home office, all this time spent sitting quickly adds up. That’s why the number one thing you should think about when choosing your desk is work comfort.

Usually, the more space that you have on your desk, the better. That’s why, whenever someone asks me about the best types of desks for work, I always encourage them to get an L-shaped one.

Modern workforce work type desk

Such a desk allows you to keep all the necessary papers, your computer, and other things that remind you of your goals and make you more productive close by.

Not to mention being able to move between the tasks smoothly and organize your work more efficiently. And they look great with a productive indoor tree.

SHW L shaped work type desk

This lightweight yet sturdy modern work desk gives you just the right amount of space (51"W x 19"D x 28.5"H) to fit a big monitor, a laptop, stationary, notebooks, and books, and still have enough space for a cup of your favorite coffee.

And, as it comes in three different colors (walnut, nickel, black).

It will fit most home and professional office environments. But don’t take my word for it – head over to Amazon and see all three of its great styles:

Ashley signature design work type desk

Or maybe you’re looking for something simpler yet (in my opinion) even more modern and with more legroom? In this case, check out this spacious (61"W x 51"D x 30"H) contemporary tabletop desk that’s designed to help you minimize distractions and skyrocket your productivity.

If this minimalistic design appeals to you, go to Amazon and see its great reviews from people who already bought it!

A quick note – if you enjoy minimalism, you might not be a big fan of big desks. In fact, some people are more productive when working at small desks. If that’s you – check out this article.

#6 | The 'When You Needs Lots of Storage' Types of Credenza Desks

Lots storage types credenza desks

The last desk on the list is for those who love having everything at their fingertips. A credenza desk comes in different shapes and sizes – from stand-alone two-parts desks to complete sets consisting of a main desk, filing cabinets, and bookshelves. And lots of storage space!

The most basic type of a credenza desk are the L-shaped types of desks that consists of two sections. Usually, both can be placed against the wall or another piece of furniture, and one acts as the main desk while the other one offers extra storage space.

Monarch specialties credenza type desk

Credenza desks, even though they offer lots of storage space, are not always the best choice for productivity. Simply because they can be overwhelming and distracting. Luckily, that’s not the case with Monarch desk.

While it lacks the actual upper part of the credenza, it has enough storage in its drawers and the extra L-part to fit all your work stuff. And the design makes it easy to put it against the wall should you want to double the available space. On top of that, it looks pretty cool – check out its four different colors on Amazon:


Choosing the right type of desk for productivity can completely change the way you work.

Whether you need one for your home or professional office remember that ultimately it should suit you – as you are going to spend hours using it.

If you’ve already found the right one, scroll up and head over to Amazon to get it and skyrocket your productivity.

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