Top 5 Minimalist Desks to Turn You into Productivity Ninja

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Before we talk minimalist desks, do you spend  hours doing tasks others get done in 30 minutes?

Do you secretly envy them their productivity and results?

It could be that despite all the effort, you just can’t focus on what really matters. If that’s the case, it could be that your working environment is to blame.

Just think about it.

If you are working on your computer and keep getting distracted by all the things laying around it, you probably have too much junk on your desk, don’t you? But how to keep it clean?

There are many ways you could go about it. My experience tells me that one of the easiest ways is getting a minimalist desk setup that’s hard to clutter in the first place!

Why Minimalism Is a Remedy to Productivity Issues?

Despite what many people think, minimalism is not about throwing away all your belongings.

Instead, it’s better to stop and think about all the things that undermine your productivity.

These could include both your physical possessions as well as your schedule or to-do lists. Simply speaking, sometimes we forget that we should put quality over quantity in whatever we do or have. And minimalism is exactly that.

So why start with a minimalist or minimal desk setup? It’s simple. It’s a big piece of furniture that takes lots of space. And you spend a lot of time at it every day, so it has a profound influence on your mood and productivity.

By the way, click here to jump straight to the reviews - I review each of five popular minimalist desks in greater detail:

Your Desk – Your Command Center

Because of the importance of your desk, when organizing your room, you should “adjust it” to your desk – and not the other way around. That's what we refer to as minimalist desk design. This means that on top of having a desk, you can have only the absolute essentials in the room in which you work.

If you don’t, your minimalist desk décor will not be as effective as it could be in boosting your productivity.

Your Desk – Your Command

In the end, your desk is your common center. It has to be comfortable, clean and should be getting all your attention.

To achieve that, reduce other office items. Look for other minimalist office furniture and minimalist office supplies.  Store as many things digitally as you can. That way when you sit down to work, it will be a lot easier for you to get into productivity mode. A clean physical “command center” also helps you keep one other super important place clear – your mind. Even when things get tough.

How to Keep Your Minimalist Desk Clean – Even under Stress?

Getting a minimalist desk setup is just the first step. The more challenging task is keeping your workspace clean when you’re busy or under a lot of stress. This is because when we are nervous or tired, we tend to slack on things like staying organized. And this applies whether you have a minimal office space or a massive office space. 

The solution to that can be a little bit of discipline, small habits, and a minimalist desk organizer.

Clean Minimalist Desk

One of the easiest habits to implement is creating a daily cleanup schedule. Leave yourself 10 or 15 minutes every day to clean your desk and everything around it. You can do that before or after your work. And if you have an organizer (some of the desks reviewers have them), it’s easy to keep all your stuff in order.

The key here is consistency. If you build a discipline around a small habit like that, it will be easier for you to keep everything clean. Even when you will be unwilling to do that because of all the work piling up.

Choosing a Minimalist Desk for Your Office – Top Five Models in 2018

Creating a minimalist desk setup doesn’t mean you’ll be working on a small piece of wooden board with four other pieces of wood pretending to be legs. In reality, thanks to the increasing popularity of minimalism (your competitors are looking to increase their productivity too!) there are many different desks to choose from. But first, let’s go over the critical things you should look for in a minimalist desk:

  • That the setup fits your (home office) office idea
  • Sturdiness. They look small but they should serve you for a good time.
  • Does it wobble? Sometimes a fancy desk legs design makes the desk wobble after just a few weeks of use.
  • Legroom. It has to both look good and be comfortable.
  • That it works out well with your favorite minimalist desk accessories
  • That it will fit all your most necessary work items. And I really mean it. The goal is to minimize the distractions, remember?

For this minimalist desk review, I picked five that are quite popular but differ in certain features. This will allow you to get a minimalist desk decor that will not only boost your productivity but will also make your office look really good.

SHW L-Shaped Home Office Corner Desk

The first on the list is a walnut-color desk. Its steel frame and dark wood make the desk look very sturdy and modern. And it really both looks and feels high-quality. Thanks to the metal frames that connect the legs, the desk is very stable even despite its shape.

Love or Hate the L-Shape

I picked this desk because I’m a big fan of an L-shaped minimalist desk setup.

This is because I believe it gives you a lot more space compared to traditional desks while being relatively small.

SHW L-Shaped Home Office Corner Desk

Of course, the reason why you’re getting a minimalist desk is to minimize the clutter. That’s why not everybody likes the L-desks.

But for me, being able to put some stuff next to me so that I don’t see it, and yet I still keep it on my desk is a great productivity booster. Simply because I sometimes need one or two things that I don’t necessarily want to look at all the time I’m working. This is the best L shaped desk in store. 

What I Like about This Desk?
  • It looks and feels very sturdy. There aren’t many desks I would feel comfortable putting an expensive monitor on.
  • High-quality materials. It doesn’t feel cheap either.
  • Great stability. It doesn’t wobble as much you would expect it.
  • Despite its shape, it’s very easy to move it around.
  • The footrest bar is very comfortable
  • Hand Pointing Right
    Great looking desk in middle of room. Won't stand out awkwardly. 
And What I Don’t Like?
  • Footrest bar is no longer comfortable if you’re tall. In fact, the whole desk is not a perfect choice for taller people. Luckily there’s a minimalist desk every tall person will love.
  • You will most likely need a friend to help you assemble it. Or at least help you move it around once you put everything together (as you assemble it having it lay upside-down on the ground).
  • The most expensive on my list.
SHW L-Shaped Home Office Corner Desk

Overall, with the dimensions of 51" W x 19" D x 28.5" H (51" overall depth), I believe it’s a great choice for every office. Especially if you are looking for a desk which you can put in the corner, save valuable space and declutter the room.

If that’s the case, click the button below and check out what others think about this excellent L-shaped minimalist desk.

Ameriwood Home Haven Retro Desk with Riser

The second on my list is a neat retro black minimalist wood desk that will undoubtedly help you update your office décor. Its espresso top surface together with gunmetal gray hairpin legs are an excellent fit for every home office design to minimize distractions.

But, if you’re looking for a white minimalist desk, it comes in four different colors, making it an excellent choice for almost any office space (sugar pine/white, walnut, Sonoma oak and espresso).

Tall People’s Minimalist Dream

If you’re of an above-average height and hate it when you have to hunch at a small desk, you will thoroughly enjoy your new workspace. Just put the screen on the riser and forget about having to lean to accurately see what’s on the screen. You could even use it as your very own minimalist standing desk!

Ameriwood Home Haven Retro Desk with Riser

Naturally, there are many other ways in which you could use the riser. Even though it may not look like the sturdiest desk you have ever seen, it can hold 20 lbs. (riser). And the desk itself holds 70 lbs., meaning you can easily pack (and organize) all the essentials on it.

Better yet, it's a great home office desk to use in the middle of room. Especially a desk and chair combo. 

What I Like about This Desk?
  • The best minimalist desk setup for tall people and small offices where floor area is priceless.
  • The riser can accommodate part of your belongings making it easy to organize stuff
  • If you put the screens on the top part of the desk, it’s very easy to fit a wired keyboard on it – all that despite its minimalist design
  • It can be easily put together using a battery-operated hand drill.
And What I Don’t Like?
  • Despite its very easy-to-follow assembly instructions, you will need a specific (small) size of a screwdriver that not everyone uses on a daily basis (Ph2 should do)
  • It’s advised to have someone to help you in putting it together as it’s not easy to do it alone
  • It’s easy to damage it if you overtighten the screws.
  • Because of the leg design, it’s hard to move it. Luckily, it’s quite light so you can always lift it up a bit (or ask someone to help you).
Ameriwood Home Haven Retro Desk with Riser

Overall, with the dimensions of 35.4”H X 44.7”W X 23.8”D, the desk will allow you to put everything you need on it, without going overboard and cluttering your workspace. You could even put two screens on it.

The only thing you need to keep in mind is that because the top part is quite narrow, you will need to keep the desk a bit further from the wall.

But if that’s not a problem, and you’re looking for a minimalist desk décor that’s also ergonomic and can serve as an organizer, hit the button below and order the desk today:

Zinus Modern Studio Collection Soho Desk

Simple and sturdy – these three words say it all. On top of that, the desk is available in three different colors (white, brown, and black – a perfect choice for someone who is looking for a classic, fully black minimalist desk) making it as far from overwhelming as it gets. 

This Is How Minimalism Looks Like

If I were to pick one desk for someone who has a really big problem with focusing on work and is looking to keep things as simple as possible, I would send him straight to this one. On my personal scale,this desk ranks the highest in terms of minimalism.

Zinus Modern Studio Collection Soho Desk

All that thanks to cutting its design down to an absolute minimum. A metal frame and a solid top – does anyone really need anything else?

What I Like about This Desk?
  • In my personal opinion, it’s made of the highest quality materials of all five desks
  • it’s super easy to put together. It can be up for use in under 15 minutes.
  • Very solid top that can easily hold all your essentials safely
  • Lots of legroom thanks to smart frame design
  • Its design is truly minimalist. It could double as a minimalist table. 
  • Hand Pointing Right
    Available as a white and brown desk. Aesthetically pleasing to the eye.
And What I Don’t Like?
  • It wobbles a bit. Naturally, it doesn’t wobble if you use it like you would use any other desk. But if you put some extra pressure on it just for a test, you will see it slightly move.
  • It’s quite hard to reach the seller’s post-purchase customer service. It’s not impossible, but it takes some time to get through. It might have changed by the time you read this, though.
Zinus Modern Studio Collection Soho Desk

There’s also one more thing this minimalist desk can offer – two different sizes. If you need a bit more space than the standard dimensions of 47”x24”x29”h, you can get a 52” version for just a few extra bucks. If that sounds like a good deal (it is), click the below button to go to Amazon and compare both desk sizes:


This simple computer desk is exactly what it says – simple, and designed to fit the absolute essentials (its dimensions are just 39.4”W, 19.7”D, 29.5”H). And while it’s also quite similar to the previous desk I have reviewed, the biggest difference between the two is its industrial style.

Minimalist Desk Décor with a Twist

While the design easily fits all the “minimalism norms”, not everyone will love the extra metal parts around the legs and frame. While they make the desk look great, they can reduce its comfort significantly.


Simple Modern Computer Writing Desk for Home Office

As it usually is with this kind of desks, it’s all about the legroom. If you hate hitting accidentally on various stuff (especially cold and metal), you might hate this desk. And if you’re tall, you will hate it. Sorry to say that (but, in this case, just check out the second desk reviewed).

What I Like about This Desk?
  • Available in two variants. The classic one and a slightly bigger one with a cool basket which can be used as an excellent minimalist desk organizer for all your essentials. But it can also take away some space – click here to see if it works out for you.
  • Foldable!! A real minimalism geek dream – finish your work and just fold the desk in the corner to save space and focus on relaxing.
  • Easy to assemble – but…
And What I Don’t Like?
  • …only if you know what to do. If you don’t, you can spend a lot of time trying to put it together (you can find all the tips shared by Amazon reviewers).
  • Lack of legroom. The metal parts may look cool, but they are also very annoying.
  • You just need to like the design
  • The surface scratches very easily (not the best quality)

Overall, it’s a good table but nothing spectacular. I believe that there are better choices for that price.

But, because its design is quite unique, you might just fall in love with it – despite all that I’m saying here.

Because of that, it’s best if you just head over to Amazon and see it for yourself:

Ameriwood Home Delilah Parsons Desk with Drawer

The last pick is a simple wooden desk with a convenient drawer to hide all your belongings. And thanks to its wide variety of colors (white, teal, black, espresso, grey, navy and white), it could be a great fit for many different office areas.

Wooden Simplicity & Convenience

The only desk on the list with a drawer which makes it very easy to manage and organize your stuff.

Naturally, you need to make sure that you don’t just keep hoarding stuff inside it – otherwise, it won’t add much to your productivity.

Ameriwood Home Delilah Parsons Desk with Drawer

And with its very simple and natural design coupled with small dimensions (just 39”W x 19.7”D x 30”H), this desk can really help you create a productive space in your office.

What I Like about This Desk?
  • The drawer. You can hide all your stuff in seconds!
  • This white minimalist desk with its teal drawer looks like no other
  • Hand Pointing Right
    Raw simplicity - no other desk can beat it.
  • Hand Pointing Right
    Pair this desk with your black and white home office and it's sure to stand out. 
And What I Don’t Like?
  • Despite its looks, it’s hard to put together (because of cheap materials used – it’s most likely made of shredded recycled wood).
  • Because of the above, it’s highly vulnerable to damage, especially during assembly.
  • If you put the screws the wrong way on your first try, you might compromise the stability of the desk.
  • The drawer doesn’t open all the way out and might drop a bit if the desk is not put together correctly.
Ameriwood Home Delilah Parsons Desk with Drawer

Despite its great design – especially if you’re looking for a white minimalist desk – I didn’t really like it. Even the drawer didn’t help it. At least for me. But, you might enjoy the convenience of being able to throw all your stuff inside the drawer without stopping your work.

If that sounds like something for you, click below and see all the different desk colors available on Amazon:

Next Steps

When looking for a minimalist desk décor, it’s very easy to focus on what’s trendy, instead of what you really need. That’s a big mistake. The goal is just a simple as your desk should be – determine 1 or 2 primary features and accessories that you want and just pick the desk. They’re all very simple, so there is nothing to stress about.

Now scroll up, pick the desk, and start working the way you should!

After you find your perfect desk, it's time to improve your productivity with some greenery. How? With the best indoor trees of course! 

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