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Have You Been Told To "Work Harder"?

Most productivity solutions teach you to work harder. If you’ve been through these solutions, and are still stuck with your productivity, you KNOW this won’t work for you.

This is why Productive Or Not exists. It’s designed to help high-achievers accomplish their biggest priorities WITHOUT the overwhelm. And it offers a 3-step process for helping you do this.

1) STOP: First, you need to stop and see what’s working and what’s not working with your current productivity. Then you need to set a vision so you know what you’re after. By the end of this first step, you’ll have clarity on what belongs on your schedule and what doesn’t.

2) CUT: Next, you need to perform an operation on your to-do list and schedule. In this step, you’ll discover what tasks you should eliminate, automate, and delegate, AND learn how to do this. By the end of this step, it’s possible to have up to 80% of the tasks on your to-do list off your plate.

3) ACT: Now that you’ve cleared your workload, you can achieve more with your newfound time. In this step, you’ll implement a weekly and daily system for productivity so you can stay focused on your most important tasks, protect your time, and finally get rid of overwhelming work weeks. By the end of this step, you’ll have a clear system for achieving more every day while reclaiming your free time.

Productive Or Not is designed to save you time, not overwhelm you more.