7 Easy Desk Cable Management Tips To Create a Super Productive Workspace

7 Easy Desk Cable Management Tips

Desk cable management. What is it and who needs it?

If all you need to get your work done is a laptop with no mouse or external monitor, it’s not that hard to avoid problems with tangled cables.

But as soon as you start connecting new devices the number of cables around you quickly adds up.

As if managing your business, to-do lists and calendar wasn’t challenging enough, you’ll need to find a way to control cables. Especially if you want to keep your productivity at a decent level.

Why proper desk cord management can boost your efficiency? This is because having too many cables around is already distracting in itself. On top of that, cables that are hanging from your desk and laying on it quickly take a lot of space which could be used in a much more productive way.

Not to mention that a clean and cable-free environment looks much more professional for your employees and/or clients. And, especially in business, you have just a few seconds to make the right first impression.

Luckily, there are some very simple desk cable management ideas which you can implement at your workspace right away. Let's look at some under desk cable management tips.

Desk Cable Management Tip #1
Get everything wireless and Get Rid of the Problem Altogether

Desk Cable Management Wireless On Desk

Sounds like a great plan, doesn’t it?

Sadly, in reality, it’s not that easy. Most likely, you already have most of the devices that you are going to use, so investing in new ones just because they don’t require that many cables is not the best thing to do.

Moreover, it might not be the healthiest choice either, as researchers are still arguing about the influence of radiation from Wi-Fi and Bluetooth on our health.

But, even if all Wi-Fi devices were perfectly healthy and could communicate with each other without any delays or interferences, they would still need electricity to work (which means cables and cords). But, do not despair – there are better wire management ideas than that!

Desk Cable Management Tip #2
Buy the Right Length of the Cable

Desk Cable Management with Right Length Cable

What’s the main thing that makes a computer desk with cable management so hard?

The length of the cables. If they’re too long, they’ll hang off the desk and tangle themselves. And, if they’re too short, you’ll need to reorganize your whole workspace just to connect all the devices!

To deal with that, the easiest thing you could do is get just the right length of cables at Wire & Cable Your Way. They have just about any cable you can think of and sell them by-the-foot! But, it’s not always an ideal solution either.

This is because before you buy them, you’d have to remeasure all your current cables (with little margin for error). What’s worse, once you’d get them, it’d be hard to move the devices around without having to buy new cables!

Luckily, you don’t have to do all that to manage your office cables more effectively. Instead of getting rid of or shortening the cables, you can just reroute or hide them! 

Desk Cable Management Tip #3

Create a Hole in Your Desk and Route the Cables Through It

The easiest thing to do if you don’t want to invest in wireless devices or cables of different length? Just make a hole in the desk and route the cable through it. This would make a great computer desk idea. 

For example, you could create a hole immediately behind each monitor. This helps reduce the visible length of cable to the bare minimum. 

Desk Cable Management with Create Hole Your Desk

Additionally, you could create a hole for a power cable of your laptop. That way, all you would need to do is put your laptop on the table and connect its new “super short” cable to it. Of course, a hole in the desk is not the most visually appealing thing.

While it helps save a ton of space, you need to hide the holes after you create them. That’s where a desk grommet comes in.

Hide the cables with this grommet:

Desk grommet for desk cable management

The most affordable desk with cable management solution on the list. For just a few bucks you can easily minimize all the space taken by your cables. And, if you have a white desk, this black desk grommets will look quite elegant on it.

Thanks to 3 different adjustable size openings, they can fit almost any size of cable or cord.

The downside is you have to do some manual work beforehand (the holes). Moreover, they tend to twist, what can lead to the widening of the whole overtime. But, there’s an easy fix. To prevent this from happening, use a little bit of glue to stick them to the desk. If you’re okay with a bit of manual work – go to Amazon and grab your own set – there’s no cheaper way of getting it done!

Tip: You can use a desk cover to shield the cables and grommets from view.

PC Cable Management Tip #4

Hide Cables in a Special Cable Tray under Your Desk

Desk Cable Management Tray

Instead of creating holes (and potentially damaging the desk), you may want to hide them in a special tray or raceway under your desk. The good news is, doing it is a piece of cake.

All you need is a special with cable management tray that you hang under your desk (usually at the back) and just put all your cables inside. Or you can find a desk with built in cable management, or a computer desk with cable management.

There are many to choose from, and the final pick will depend on the style of your desk as well as on its width.

Here's our favorite affordable cable organizers:

Ikea signum desk cable management

A simple yet sturdy cable rack. While it doesn’t fully conceal your cables, it allows you to pull the cables in and out of it whenever you need to (to connect them to a power outlet or other devices). Although the construction of the rack is quite simple, it is possible to fit in a small power strip.

While it’s manufactured by IKEA (and fits all of their desks perfectly), it can be mounted on many other desks. And if you need to customize it, it’s very easy to bend or cut it as needed. Not sure if it fits your desk? Click the button below to see more details and find out:

Wirerun desk cable management tray

Probably the simplest cable tray on the list. Just mount it under your desk and route all your cables through it. Obviously, just like the IKEA’s choice it won’t hide all your cables, but at the dimensions of 36"L x 6"W x 4"D, it’s one of the most convenient under desk cable and wire management solution that can easily fit power strips or small power bricks.

The only problem is that you will need your own screws to mount it (there are none in the package). But it’s still an excellent cable tray designed with a standard computer office desk in mind. If simplicity is what you’re looking for, hit the below button to check its current price:

Scandinavian under desk cable management tray

Do you have a small desk or want to hang two shorter trays separately to manage cables in a more customized way? This pack of two 18”-long trays (6.2”W, 4.3”D) is exactly what you’re looking for.

You can easily combine them together or mount separate trays for different types of cables.

Another advantage of a cable management setup using two smaller trays is that they are more reliable than just one tray. This is because each of them is installed using separate screws, meaning they support one another if they both have the same cables routed through them. On top of that, their design makes it easy to access or add any cables at any point.

Desk Cable Management Tip #5

Use a Raceway for a Standing Desk

Desk cable management with raceway for standing desk

The above desk cable management trays are excellent choices for a computer desk. But they are not the best pick if you want to manage cables working at a standing desk. 

This is because, at the end of the day, you will still have lots of cables hanging behind, and putting all the power bricks and strips in a simple tray may not be possible due to their weight and size.

Naturally, the manufacturers have already noticed the problem and are offering much more robust and bigger solutions created specifically for those who love working at a standing desk.

Standup under desk cable management

If you are looking to hide all your cables inside one tray, you will love this black Raceway. Designed specifically for standing desks, it’s robust enough to store all your cables, power bricks and a power strip. This, combined with its three openings (on either side and in the middle) makes it super easy to reduce the number of hanging cables to just one power strip cable.

At 60” width it’s compatible with all flat top electric desks. An extra benefit is that it comes with a neat modesty panel, giving you an extra bit of privacy. Got a standing desk? Check out if it fits yours!

Mesh desk cable management raceway

Looking for an elegant cable management solution that will give you more control over tangling cables than a standard tray? These Mesh Cable Raceway allows you to both hide the cables as well as easily access them any time you want.

And thanks to the built-in power strip, you don’t have to worry about cable length on any of the devices. But, not only that – it’s robust enough to hold a power adapter for the monitors should you use more than one.

Top that with Velcro strips that make tying cables together and managing them a breeze, and you have a standing desk cable management winner – check it out on Amazon now!

Desk Cable Management Tip #6

Got a Glass Desk? Stick the Raceway or Mount It on the Wall Instead!

Glass desk cable management tips

All the trays and raceways I’ve mentioned above are great if you can actually mount them to your desk using screws.

This makes glass desk cable management pretty hard. And, as glass top tables are quite popular and look great in modern offices, there’s a big need for a solution.

Luckily for you, some of the raceways can be mounted without any screws or even used to hide your cables on the floor against the wall or on the wall itself. 

Wiretamer desk cable management tray

Although, just like the above examples, its created mostly for use under your desk (and, more specifically for the Jarvis Adjustable Height Desk Frame), it’s very easy to cut it to change its entry and exit angles(all you need is a pipe saw).

Because of that, and thanks to the ability to mount these trays facing up or against the wall, they can be used to hold your AC power supplies even if you have a glass top table (or simply don’t want to do any alterations to your desk). Moreover, they work great if you need to hold cables on “longer distances” – for example, between two different desks. In fact, head over to Amazon to see how others use it to manage their cable mess effectively.

J channel desk cable management raceway

This raceway is perfect if you still want to install it under your desk but, for obvious reasons, can’t use any screws.

This is because all you need to install it is to peel the 3DM tape off and stick the raceway under your desk. It’s as simple as that! No screws, no damage to the desk.

But, there is one slight drawback. Because you stick it, it’s not the most robust option to manage your cables. For example, it won’t fit any power bricks. But if that’s not a problem for you – jump over to Amazon to get it.

PC Cable Management Tip #7

Get a Comprehensive Cable Management Solution

Trays, raceways or holes in the desk are great if you need to manage cables that are already under or get routed under the desk in one direction. But what if you want to have the ultimate control over all cables at your desk – regardless of their size, direction or length? In this case, a simple cable management tray is not enough.

Comprehensive desk cable management solution

Instead, you need a comprehensive solution that will allow you to organize cables and power cords of all shapes and sizes. From monitor and keyboard cables that go behind the desk to those small ones, such as USB cables, phone chargers, and mouse cables.

Mydesklife desk cable management kit

An elegant kit that’ll help you keep all your cables under control and even get rid of the clutter from excess cables once and for all.

Simply use all of its cable sleeves and clips to hide and route all the cables to a neat black box that’s big enough to store a power strip but small enough to not be considered an unwanted obstacle in your office.

And the best is, the whole set consists of almost 200 elements. At a price that’s just a tiny bit higher than that of a cable tray you get a cable management solution that allows you to hide, tie and control the cables the exact way you want to do that. Do you need to deal with your cables once and for all? Go to its Amazon product page and see all of its great features:


Having a clean, cable-free office environment is the key to boosting your productivity.

On top of providing you with a lot of extra space, it gives you peace of mind and makes it easier to focus on your day-to-day tasks.

Not sure which cable management solution to choose? Scroll up to the one that looks like it would best suit your needs and head over to Amazon to read its customer reviews – those can often give you a lot of extra insight.

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