Best Expensive Office Chairs of 2018 – And Why They’ll Earn You Money

Best Expensive Office Chairs

If you’ve ever created or remodeled your workspace, I’m sure you know that all the costs can add up pretty quickly. And one of the things that are often the biggest burden on your budget is a comfortable office chair.

Sadly, that’s where many people skimp – which I think is a huge mistake, especially if you take into consideration that a high quality (and, sadly expensive) chair can offer great ROI. What makes it such a great investment and why you should pick one?

Why Are They Called Expensive Office Chairs?

To understand how an expensive office chair can make you money let’s first think about the most obvious stuff that distinguishes expensive chairs from their more affordable counterparts. Obviously, I will skip the price (which is, surprise, surprise, higher) – some say that if you are spending less than $200 on a chair, you’re not buying anything good.

But the real difference is in the quality of the final product. Usually, cheap chairs have almost no padding and are made of low-quality materials. What’s more, there are usually very few (if any) adjustments, what makes it very hard to adapt the chair to the way you usually sit and work. Not to mention that they are super generic and provide no real benefits.

Why Are They Called Expensive Office Chairs

At the same time, some of the best expensive chairs took years to design. During that time, researchers, doctors, scientists, and engineers were all working together to create the healthiest and most comfortable piece of furniture out there. Naturally, not all expensive office chairs are research-backed. But, that’s not the only reason why the best models are worth the money.

Another reason is the quality of materials used and the customizability. High-end office chairs are made using top-quality materials such as leather or polyurethane. On top of that, they often come with all the adjustments you might be wishing for, making them extremely comfortable even if you sit for hours every day. This is where we come to the main question.

Are These Chairs Really THAT Expensive?

One of the core benefits of expensive office chairs is that they are crazy comfortable. This means that you won’t get tired as fast as you would in a normal chair. By keeping your body and your spine in the right position using special adjustments, they increase your productivity and allow you to be more efficient. Imagine adding just 12 minutes (modest estimation, rounded for easier calculations) to your effective working time per day. This equals 1 hour extra every week.

Let’s do the math. If you earn $35 per hour, this equals an extra $1820 every year, which means you will easily make back the price of the chair.

And, considering that these chairs often come with at least 15 year-long warranties, your investment is secured for years to come. 

Are These Chairs Really That Expensive

And this is just one of the many savings that you get with it. A better health, more (quality) time spent with your family or pursuing your passions – are all invaluable benefits of expensive office chairs. Furthermore. if you own a business, you might want to consider buying the chairs for your employees – it’s a proven fact that companies incur thousands of dollars in lost productivity and medical treatment costs every year.

So, knowing that getting an expensive office chair is a no-brainer, what’s the best place to get one?

Is Buying an Expensive Office Chair Online a Safe Option?

Are These Chairs Really That Expensive

Thousands of people shop online on a daily basis. But, the majority of them doesn’t spend any significant amount of money – at least not in one transaction or for one product. And the price of a chair that’s capable of providing you with comfort and ensuring that you have a healthy and productive time can go well beyond a thousand dollars. This is why it’s best to purchase chairs from well-known retailers such as Amazon who have an impeccable buyer protection policy.

And while you might be thinking that spending so much money online is not a good idea, there are multiple reasons why it’s much better to searching for a chair locally:

  • You save a lot of time not having to drive from store to store
  • Local stores have usually just a few options available while Amazon has all the best brands such as Herman Miller, Steelcase, GM Seating and X-Chair in one place
  • You can easily return the product if it doesn’t suit your needs (at least as long as you buy on Amazon)

So, you now know where to buy the chair and what are the best brands to choose from. Now, let’s look at how you can pick the best chair so that your money is a good investment for years to come.

How to Choose the Right Chair So That You Don’t Waste Your Money?

Because of their high price point, you need to be very careful when choosing the right chair. First, take a look at the below. These are the chairs you can’t go wrong with:

Now, before we get to reviewing each of them, let’s list some of the most important things you might want to take into consideration before making a purchase:

  • Arm comfort. Does the chair come with armrests (I advise against chairs without them), are they adjustable and comfortable? You might want padded ones, though some non-padded are just as good.
  • Spine protection. Can you adjust the backrest vertically, as well as backward and forward? Can you change the height of the chair? Remember that your feet should be flat on the floor.
  • Lumbar Protection. How well does it take care of your lower back?
  • Head Support. Does it come with a headrest (and is it adjustable?)
  • Five-star base. This ensures perfect stability.
  • General Comfort. This goes together with all the previous points. On top of all that has been mentioned, check whether the width and depth of the seat are good for your body. This is especially important when looking for office chairs for a large person.

On top of the above there are things such as colors or whether the chair is upholstered or mesh. But these are of secondary importance when it comes to your productivity. Naturally, all of the chairs in the below list meet the majority, if not all, of the above requirements.

Best Expensive Office Chairs Detailed Reviews

Herman Miller Sayl Task Chair

Apart from comfort and durability, some expensive office chairs have one other significant advantage over their competition – they look totally different than a typical chair you can find at the local furniture store. One of such chairs is Herman Miller Sayl Task Chair.

Chair of the Future

The chair lacks hard edges and doesn’t have a typical frame.

Its shape, while it doesn’t look close to a standard chair, provides great support for people of all body types and adapts to their unique shape.

Additionally, its stable frame makes it a good choice for a large person.

Herman Miller Sayl Task Chair
What I Like about This Chair?
  • Affordable. Especially compared to other chairs from this brand.
  • Unique Design. If you are looking for a modern mesh office chair that will get the attention of your co-workers or clients, this is your pick.
  • It’s “Eco.” The chair is 93% recyclable and thanks to its structural components being hollowed out, it’s very lightweight.
  • Big choice of different colors makes it very easy to find the right chair for your office.
And What I Don’t Like?
  • The looks don’t really go in pair with quality. Unfortunately, while it looks really cool it’s not as durable as one would expect – especially its armrests.
Herman Miller Sayl Task Chair

Overall, the first of three Herman Miller office chairs in my list is a decent mid-range choice perfect for someone who values design more than anything.

If that’s you, hit the below button and head over to Amazon to see its other color variations:

Steelcase Amia Fabric Chair

The next listed looks completely different than its above competitor. But, that doesn’t mean it’s any worse. Especially that it is made by one of the most recognizablehigh end office chair brands – Steelcase.

Classic Look, Modern Comfort

If you are looking for an all-time classic, you will fall in love with Amia.

The chair, while very simple in design, it’s just as comfortable as you would expect from it – especially considering its price point.

In fact, I think that it comes with just the right number of features average of his employee needs.

Steelcase Amia Fabric Chair
What I Like about This Chair?
  • Lots of adjustments. You can quickly adjust both the seat as well as the arms, what makes it very easy to find the right position for your back.
  • Advanced lumbar protection. Very comfortable for those who suffer from frequent lower back problems when sitting in a standard chair.
  • Highly durable. The chair is well known for lasting a very long time.
  • Lots of color choices. It’s easy to find exactly the one you like.
And What I Don’t Like?
  • It comes with wheels made of very hard plastic which damage hardwood floors. The only way to prevent it is to cover the floor.

Despite its subpar wheels the chair itself is very good and will definitely fit any office where comfort and classic furniture are a must.

Herman Miller Classic Aeron Chair

The second from Herman Miller office chairs doesn’t look as futuristic as the previously reviewed model. But is it just as comfortable and, even more importantly, worth the price?

Lower Back Comfort First

The Aeron chair is all about lumbar support and protection of your lower back. Its designers put a lot of work to ensure that long hours spent in it won't have a negative impact on this very sensitive part of your back.

On top of that, thanks to its breathable mesh it feels comfortable even after long hours of sitting.

Herman Miller Classic Aeron Chair
What I Like about This Chair?
  • When it comes to the assembly, the hardest part to put it together is getting it out of the box.
  • Strong emphasis on lower back health. The lumbar support is adjustable to suit your usual sitting position.
  • Many of those who bought it specifically to ease their problems with sciatica pain reported that it helped them tremendously.
  • Keeps you comfortable and motivated while working. 
And What I Don’t Like?
  • Synthetic materials. Unfortunately, I would expect a bit more from a brand like Herman Miller. The materials feel very artificial.
  • Cheap looks. Even though it is very comfortable, it looks cheap (subjective opinions).
Herman Miller Classic Aeron Chair

When it comes to lumbar support, it easily beats some of its more expensive competitors.

Unfortunately, it’s a bit behind them in other aspects such as overall adjustability and general comfort. But, if lower back is your priority, click the button below and see the details yourself.

Modway Jive Highback Office Chair

If you’ve been working on a typical, non-ergonomic chair for years, sometimes spending $1000 on a high-end office chair may seem ridiculous. In this case, it’s worth lowering the pricing point that you target – as long as the chair is of high quality.

Great Starting Point

Not everyone has to invest in a $1000 or so chair right away. While those top of the range chairs will obviously be much better than this one, Modway Jive Highback is an excellent choice to move from an uncomfortable and dangerous chair to something healthier.

At less than $200, you can choose from quite a few colors and other variations (armless, high back and mid back).

Modway Jive Highback Office Chair
What I Like about This Chair?
  • Great price. The only chair in its pricing range that I can qualify as a “high-end office chair” based on quality.
  • A lot more comfortable compared to its equally priced competitors. It’s a real game-changer in its pricing range.
  • Thanks to the heavy-chrome, durable armrests it doesn’t wobble and looks super professional.
  • No tools required to put it together. There is very little that you need to set it up other than taking it out of the box that it comes in.
  • Comes in a few colors that suits your office (even with indoor trees​​​). 
And What I Don’t Like?
  • Not the most comfortable seating. The back is very flat, which may not be the best choice for people with frequent back pains or those who don’t like hard surfaces.
  • Because of the above, it doesn’t provide any quality lumbar support.
Modway Jive Highback Office Chair

Modway Jive Office Chair is great for everyone on a budget and those who would like to energize their teams but can’t afford to spend thousands of dollars on furniture.

And while you can choose its armless version, I highly recommend against it – it’s neither comfortable nor ergonomic, and can even sabotage your productivity.

GM Seating Executive Hi Swivel Chair

The first chair in the list that comes with a proper headrest allowing you to better control your head position during work. But is it just as comfortable as it aims to be at first glance?

Truly Executive Looks

If you were to name one ergonomic chair based on its looks, this executive office chair would be an excellent example.

Its design puts a strong emphasis on comfort and customizability, making it very easy to adjust the chair to your liking.

GM Seating Executive Hi Swivel Chair
What I Like about This Chair?
  • High-quality genuine leather which feels really great.
  • Excellent price considering the number of adjustments. For example, its 3D Armrests can be adjusted backward, forward, as well as up and down.
And What I Don’t Like?
  • Unfortunately, some of the adjustments come at a cost. While you can put the back of the chair into one of four positions, the wealth of options makes it unstable and causes wobbling.
  • Comes in a very poor packaging. Plenty of users reported receiving it damaged.
  • The lumbar bolster is very prominent, what can be uncomfortable after long periods of time.
  • The short seat makes it a poor choice for tall people.
GM Seating Executive Hi Swivel Chair

Overall, it’s a great chair especially if you consider that it comes with plenty of adjustments. Unfortunately, it feels very incomplete and rushed – especially if you think about the shipping problems.

Because of that, I’d compare buying it to gambling – while it’s a really good chair, you never know if you get a working one until it’s at your doorstep. But, is it worth the money? While I think there are better options listed here, I leave you the final decision:

Herman Miller Embody Chair

The last of Herman Miller office chairs costs over $1,000 more than each of the other two. What makes it so expensive and is it worth the money?

For the Most Demanding

At first glance, it doesn’t look super expensive. It has no headrest and doesn’t look as if it had a lot of adjustments.

However, in reality this is THE high-end office chair. Its quality is top-notch and it beats its competitors by leaps and bounds.

Herman Miller Embody Chair
What I Like about This Chair?
  • Made in the US – comes without saying.
  • Highly durable. It can be used for months without any signs of wear.
  • Thanks to its size, it is comfortable even for tall people. In fact, it’s the best chair office chair for tall people – although a bit pricey.
  • Comes with a 12-year warranty and offers unbeatable repair service.
  • 30-day money-back guarantee on a $1,500+ product – a deal that is quite uncommon.
And What I Don’t Like?
  • The price. But it rocks the price to quality ratio.
Herman Miller Embody Chair

Embody is both the best chair over $1,000, the best chair for large person and the best overall. It proves that you get what you pay for.

And, when it comes to this Herman Miller’s masterpiece, you get a lot and it’s worth every penny. If you’re serious about improving your productivity, just get it now:

X Chair X4 Leather Executive Chair

The X4 is a great compromise between price and quality. While it’s a bit more affordable than the above-reviewed Embody, it’s not far behind it in terms of overall quality, comfort, and the number of features.

Ergonomic Chair That Looks like No Other

But where the X4 excels the most is its design.

Although it’s a completely subjective opinion, I believe it’s the best-looking expensive office chair in the whole list, period.

The chrome and leather combination will fit any modern and professional office space. Not to mention the level of comfort that the chair can offer.

X Chair X4 Leather Executive Chair
What I Like about This Chair?
  • Unique design. Although it comes in just two variations color-wise, it’s hard to find a chair like this one anywhere else.
  • It comes with a huge number of adjustments including an independently adjustable headrest. You can also get a version without one, but I believe it to be less comfortable compared to a headrest one.
And What I Don’t Like?
  • The arm pad adjustment is very sensitive to movements. Even though you can set it in many positions, it gets affected (read: moves) with any stronger bump.
  • Despite the fact that this chair is almost fully covered in leather, the armrests themselves don’t come with a leather padding which is both strange and uncomfortable.
X Chair X4 Leather Executive Chair

A perfect choice for any office of a busy professional. But beware – the seat feels like one of a sport car.

This means that while it’s super comfortable, you’re better not dreaming about driving a car while working ?.

Anyway, if this sounds like a chair for your office – hit the button and learn more details about it:

Steelcase Leap Fabric Chair

The “classic” ergonomic chair of one of the most respected high-end office chairs manufacturers in the industry and its number one bestseller. How does it compare to other tremendous choices listed?

A Chair that Changes with You

The Leap Chair is designed to “live” with its owner.

This means that it mimics your natural spine shape throughout the workday and slowly adjusts to the way you sit, helping you feel more comfortable over a longer period of time.

This makes it much easier to stay productive and prevent fatigue.

Steelcase Leap Fabric Chair
What I Like about This Chair?
  • It’s not just adjustable – it adjusts to the user, what has a positive influence on the overall comfort.
  • On top of that, it’s hard to find something that you could not adjust in it – elevation, incline, lumbar support and armrests can all be configured.
  • There’s a lot of space in the seat making it a great choice for a large person.
  • The breathable material helps you feel fresh even after hours of working.
  • You can control lower back firmness using a separate control.
And What I Don’t Like?
  • Despite all the adjustments, it lacks the ability to change a seat angle, making it rather uncomfortable for tall people.
  • Unfortunately, it’s very easy to get a refurbished item – so read the terms of purchase very carefully.
Steelcase Leap Fabric Chair

Steelcase’s Leap is not just their bestseller – I believe it’s the best chair in the $500 - $1000 range. If you are looking to invest in a chair that’s highly comfortable but you don’t want to go into thousands, this should be your pick. But you don’t have to listen to me – go to Amazon and see why others love it:

Steelcase Gesture Chair

The last of the expensive office chairs reviewed is Leap’s younger brother which comes with a slightly more modern look at a bit higher pricing point.

A Leap from the Leap?

The designers behind Gesture worked hard to improve the 3D Liveback system even more, making the chair better at adjusting to different postures and sizes of its users.

Steelcase Gesture Chair
What I Like about This Chair?
  • It “feels” and learns the user to provide him with as much comfort as possible.
  • Leaning back is a very smooth process, which makes it shine even compared to its predecessor.
  • Its design looks a lot modern than that of Leap.
And What I Don’t Like?
  • The padding is not as comfortable as in Leap. Sadly, I think that the Steelcase’s all-time classic, despite its slightly outdated looks was more comfortable.
  • The weird angle of the seat pan makes it feel as if the chair was trying to push you forward out of it.
  • You need to pay extra for lumbar support – while it’s not much, the sole fact of it is a real deal-breaker.
Steelcase Gesture Chair

Even though it’s a very good chair (and, compared to some cheap chairs in the market, it’s a terrific one), I believe it to be just slightly worse than Leap.

But, if you prefer modern design and don’t mind paying extra for the lumbar support – head over to Amazon and see its features in details:

Final Steps

Choosing an expensive office chair is never an easy process. But if you treat it as an investment that’s designed to boost your productivity, the price no longer looks that high. Especially if you do the math and consider that every additional hour of productive time means more money in your pocket. Not to mention all the health benefits and time spent doing what you love.

If you haven’t decided yet which chair you want to have in your office – scroll up to the table and review all models once again. And, if you are completely remodeling your office, don’t forget to check our modern desks too!

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