The 6 Best Ergonomic Office Chairs With Back Support (to Prevent Back Pain)

Ergonomic Office Chairs

Why look for the best ergonomic office chairs?

Sitting for long hours can kill your motivation, productivity and severely harm your health. Especially if you do so on a cheap, non-ergonomic chair – that’s like asking for a back pain.

And as more and more Americans become inactive and spend their time sitting, it’s no surprise that even up to 80% of the American population will experience back pain at some point in their lives.

What’s even worse, is that back pain is the single leading cause of disability. And yet, many times it could have been prevented.

One of the keys to doing so is working in a comfortable ergonomic office chair that’s designed to protect your back. Why working in a low-quality chair is not an option?

One of the biggest reasons why people invest in ergonomic office chairs is limiting the negative impact that hours spent sitting have on your back.

By changing your chair to one that’s back-friendly, you will find it easier to keep a good position when sitting and experience fewer back problems, boost your productivity and spend less time and money visiting doctors to help you deal with your spine and back problems.

Not to mention all the other benefits of ergonomic chairs:

Healthy Back, Happy Life.

One of the biggest reasons why people invest in ergonomic office chairs is limiting the negative impact that hours spent sitting have on your back.

By changing your chair to one that’s back-friendly, you will find it easier to keep a good position when sitting and experience fewer back problems, boost your productivity and spend less time and money visiting doctors to help you deal with your spine and back problems.

Not to mention all the other benefits of ergonomic chairs:

Ergonomic Office Chairs

+ Better blood circulation – if you sit in a chair that’s too high or too small for you, certain parts of your legs will be more pressured than others. If the blood cannot flow through the veins in your legs properly, you may develop blood clots. If you feel tingling and cramping in your legs, it’s time to get an ergonomic place to seat so that you can adjust it properly.

+ Healthier muscle balance – by sitting in a properly adjusted chair, your bodyweight is balanced much better on your hips and buttocks. This prevents pain and helps you keep your muscles and tendons stretched without favoring one over the other. This leads to a much better posture when sitting and walking.

+ No shoulder and neck pain – on top of affecting your back, poor-quality non-orthopedic office chairs can cause a lot of discomfort in your neck and shoulders. The best ergonomic office chairs for neck pain come with add-ons such as headrests and comfortable, padded armrests. These reduce pain when sitting, as well as help prevent discomfort even after you finish working.

Naturally, there are much more benefits to reclining office chairs than the above – but, those are the most important ones when it comes to the health of your back. So, how much will one of them cost you?

Quality Chairs Don’t Have to Cost You an Arm and a Leg

On average, best office chairs for back support cost between $120 - $180. But, it’s possible to find gems for as little as $40 or $50 – however, you need to know what to look for. This is because there are very few chairs worth considering in this price range. Otherwise, everyone would be working in one by now.

Of course, there are reclining office chairs that go well into thousands of dollars. But, in this article, I will focus on those that don’t go over $300.

So, what is the difference between them and the more expensive ergonomic office chairs? 

Ergonomic Office Chairs

The latter come with more adjustments and are made of better-quality materials (read: are more durable). You can learn more about those high-end models and read their reviews in this high end chair article.

Keep in mind that the purchase of an ergonomic office chair should be treated as an investment. This is because a better chair will help you boost your physical and mental well-being.

This will lead to a significant productivity increase, giving you more time to develop new skills, pursue your hobbies or simply enjoying life with your family. Naturally, you need to choose a healthy chair first – what do you need to know to do that? 

Taking Care of Your Back like a Pro – Choosing the Best Office Chair for Back Pain

When picking an office chair for back support, the basic rule is that it should allow you to keep your spine in line with the backrest. On top of that, the backrest itself should be tilted back a little bit, so that you sit at around a 110° angle. Moreover, a quality ergonomic chair should:

  • Allow you to dynamically change your sitting position. You’ll notice that all recommendations include reclining office chairs. This is because keeping a fixed position for hours is way more unnatural than sitting itself. By changing your position (for example, by leaning a bit further back) you temporarily shift the stress and tension onto other parts of your body.
  • Be able to accommodate you. If you are tall, ensure that the seat is deep enough and the backrest long enough to provide you with enough comfort. Similarly, if you are short, ensure that you’ll be able to comfortably put your feet on the ground.
  • Keep your joints and muscles in a neutral position. The best office chairs for back pain cause no feeling of discomfort or stretch when you sit in them. If that’s the case, it could be that the chair is not properly adjusted.
  • Fit the workspace. While your needs come first, you need to ensure that the size of the chair is a good choice for the desk that you work at. Obviously, if you have a quality ergonomic desk, choosing the right chair should not be a problem.
  • Be safe and easy to use. Even though it’s just a chair, it’s your health at stake. While they are not explicitly called orthopedic office chairs, they should act like one. It means that a good chair shouldn’t force any positions that could cause stress or pain. And the adjustments should be easy enough to operate so that anyone can set them right for their posture.
  • Be made of materials that you like. Some people prefer meshed chairs while others can’t live without a leather padding. Since you are going to spend long hours in it, make sure that it’s made of the right materials.
  • Fit your sense of style. This has little to do with your physical health. But, having a chair you simply like for its style, makes it much easier to sit down and get to work.

Knowing what to look for, let’s get to actually purchasing one. What’s the best place to look for affordable ergonomic chairs?

Amazon – That’s Where All the Gems Are!

Why all the best deals can be found on Amazon? Don’t ask me – I think Jeff Bezos could give you a much better answer. But, it’s a fact that all the best office chairs for back support are there. And it’s no surprise – in the end, there are not many eCommerce stores offering such a great user experience.

Because of that, I’ve decided to focus on the best office chairs for back pain available only on Amazon. In the below table, I’ve listed all the best models priced at less than $300:

Now, let’s take a quick look at each of them to find the right one for you!

Best Ergonomic Office Chairs Detailed Reviews

Modway Articulate Ergonomic Mesh Office Chair

Some chairs are just comfortable while other can actively help you reduce or get rid of the back pain. This focus on helping you take care of your back is one of the reasons why many buyers love Modway Articulate.

Adjust Just About Anything

Thanks to all of its adjustments, Modway Articulate is, in my opinion, the best ergonomic office chair for sciatica and hip pain.

The wealth of options ensures that you simply have to find the right position that’s comfortable and safe for your back.

Modway Articulate Ergonomic Mesh Office Chair
What I Like about This Chair?
  • Adjustments – apart from all the standard backrest adjustments, Modway Articulate features one-touch chair height adjustments, 360° swivel, tilt and lock system and height adjustable armrests. All this makes it close to impossible to feel uncomfortable in it if you do the work upfront.
  • Comfortable padded mesh seat. On top of being comfortable, it’s highly breathable so you’ll feel fresh even after hours spent sitting.
  • Moreover, thanks to its super thickness, the chair is even more comfortable and there’s less pressure on your legs.
  • Sturdy and supportive – it can accommodate people up to 331lb.
And What I Don’t Like?
  • Despite many adjustments, some of them are quite minimal, such as the second tilt level.
  • In fact, the tilting/lifting mechanisms are a bit behind high-end chairs.
  • The instructions are quite ambiguous and don’t show all chair elements clearly.
Modway Articulate Ergonomic Mesh Office Chair

Even though some of its settings feel as if they were there just for the sake of being,

Modway Articulate is an excellent choice for anyone who wants a classic and comfortable chair.

If you fancy a thick seat, hit the button and see more details about it:

Flash Furniture Mid-Back Chair

Some chairs are perfect when it comes to helping you with one thing but they lack that one or two extra features that’d make them perfect. While it’s also a problem for Flash Furniture Task Chair, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t consider it.

Elegant, Inexpensive and Comfortable…Almost!

At first glance, this chair has everything you could ever need. It looks great (nothing too fancy but it’s not too boring either) and features a comfortable mesh mid-back and a padded leather seat.

On top of that, thanks to its top-quality lumbar support it’s the best ergonomic office chair for tailbone pain. But, the armrests aren’t adjustable and can be really uncomfortable.

Flash Furniture Mid-Back Chair
What I Like about This Chair?
  • High-end lumbar support in an affordable chair. This chair feels super comfortable around your lumbar and tailbone areas and can reduce any pain that you feel there.
  • It’s also very well-made overall which means it’s a good choice for back pain in general.
  • Stylish design. As I said above, it looks exactly the way I believe a modern ergonomic chair should look.
And What I Don’t Like?
  • Terrible Wheels. Unless you change them for a scuff-free set ($15 – $20 on Amazon), they will damage your hardwood floors in an instant. You could also remove them completely but it’d kill the ergonomic aspect.
  • Compared to the rest of its great features and design non-adjustable armrests sound like a sad joke. A wasted opportunity.
Flash Furniture Mid-Back Chair

Considering the very affordable price, I believe it’s a very decent product for anyone who is suffering from lower back and tailbone areas problems.

But, you might consider removing armrests which is something I usually recommend against.

That’s why, it will be best if you check out the chair yourself:

Furmax Mid Back Swivel Lumbar Support Desk Chair

Top office chairs can easily set you back a thousand or even two thousand dollars. But if all that you need is an affordable but comfortable and good for your back piece of furniture, there are some real gems out there – such as the Furmax Office Mesh Chair.

Take Care of Your Health on a Budget

Can a chair that costs 20, 30 or even 50 times less than its more expensive competitors still offer you a quality sitting time?

The answer is a strong “yes!”.

Naturally, it won’t come with all the adjustments and gimmicks that top chairs have to offer but if you have a small budget, there’s is no excuse not to improve the quality of furniture that you use.

Furmax Mid Back Swivel Lumbar Support Desk Chair
What I Like about This Chair?
  • Great quality to price ratio. Its super low price and decent manufacturing mean it’s a very solid chair available for pennies.
  • Fits short people perfectly. It’s not the biggest chair out there but is very comfortable for people below 6’.
  • Great introduction to ergonomics. It’s a perfect choice for your first ergonomic chair.
And What I Don’t Like?
  • Its assembly instructions are written in poor English and are quite confusing, making the chair hard to put together.
  • A short back can be very uncomfortable for tall people which makes the chair useless for those who are looking to support their back properly.
Furmax Mid Back Swivel Lumbar Support Desk Chair

Some would say that it’s impossible to take proper care of your working conditions on a budget.

But, Furmax office chair proves quite the opposite – it’s no surprise it’s the #1 bestseller in its category.

Check how affordable it is by clicking the button below:

BestOffice Ergonomic PU Leather High Back Executive Office Chair

Ergonomic furniture manufacturers are always looking for ways to distinguish the product from competitors. Because of that, some chairs look very futuristic. Others look classic and modest. And what about BestOffice Executive Chair? It screams comfort the moment you look at it.

Comfort First!

And it’s not just the way it looks.

It comes with a cushioned back and seating which are both comfortable and still firm enough to properly support your body.

All that is topped with pretty decent armrests and chair height adjustments.

BestOffice Ergonomic PU Leather High Back Executive Office Chair
What I Like about This Chair?
  • Great for tall people. The back support is quite high providing you with lots of space.
  • Even though it’s cushioned, it’s still firm enough to stabilize your body properly.
  • Great, modern look. The chair fits any office space perfectly.
  • Affordable. You won’t find a better leather chair at that price.
  • Hidden tilt mechanism – it’s not advertised but it’s there.
And What I Don’t Like?
  • You need to take care of it carefully. Otherwise, the leather can start peeling and separating from the stitching, drastically reducing the lifespan of the chair.
  • Fixed armrests. Sadly, you can’t adjust them in any direction.
  • It can smell pretty bad once you unpack it. But the smell disappears after a week or two.
BestOffice Ergonomic PU Leather High Back Executive Office Chair

If you’re too tall for the Furmax chair and are looking for a comfortable chair that looks highly professional – BestOffice Executive Chair is your #1 choice.

Plus, not many chairs look that good in this price range:

Coavas Ergonomic Office Chair

The difference between very expensive ergonomic office chairs and their more affordable equivalents is usually in the quality of materials used and the number of adjustments. But what if you could get a chair that’s just as adjustable for 1/10th the price?

Design That Gets Attention Each and Every Time

There are two things in which Coavas chair excels. The first one is getting attention.

No matter where you put it, you can be sure that someone will ask about it as it looks much different than a usual chair.

But it’s not just about the looks – the second important benefit of this chair are all the adjustments that it comes with.

Coavas Ergonomic Office Chair
What I Like about This Chair?
  • Good for tall people. At 25.8”L, 25.8”W, 47.6 to 51.6”H it will perfectly suit even people above 6’ tall.
  • Decent Head Support. If you suffer from neck pain, you will appreciate the quality headrest.
  • Futuristic design. As I have already mentioned above, it does look very modern and unique.
  • Great adjustments. You can adjust everything from armrests to seat height and headrest.
  • Quality lumbar support. If you are tall and suffer from lower back pain, this chair is the best choice in its price range.
And What I Don’t Like?
  • Hard to assemble. Because of all the things that you can adjust in it, it takes some time to put it together.
  • Can get wobbly. Especially if you play with the adjustments a lot, so you need to be careful not to put too much pressure on adjustable elements.
  • Doesn’t fit every office. The design, whereas very original, might not be a good fit for a conservative office space. But it’s an excellent choice if you plan to use it at home.
Coavas Ergonomic Office Chair

Coavas Mesh Office Chair is an excellent choice if you are looking for a highly adjustable chair on a budget.

The drawbacks are, it’s quite hard to put it together (especially to do it alone) and that over time, it might get wobbly if you play too much with the adjustments.

But, for the price, it’s a real steal:

Duramont Ergonomic Adjustable Office Chair with Lumbar Support

If you’re looking for a comfortable chair made of a quality breathable material that’ll keep your back cool and rested, this Duramont chair is worth every penny – regardless of its slightly higher price compared to the other chairs in this list.

Get It If Lumbar Support Is What You Need

Even though Coavas was already a very decent chair in terms of lumbar support, this is where Duramont truly shines.

But, it costs more than double the price. On the upside, it comes with adjustments such as the ability to control the distance from the seat to the backrest, which is usually available only in high-end chairs.

Duramont Ergonomic Adjustable Office Chair with Lumbar Support
What I Like about This Chair?
  • 330lbs limit makes it a safe and comfortable chair for large people.
  • Looks better than similar chairs. Perfect if you need a modern chair with a headrest but want something that looks rather modest.
  • Breathable, high-quality mesh. Your back won’t get sweaty even on a warm day.
  • Top notch lumbar support. Provides your lower back with more comfort than any other chair reviewed in this article.
  • Highly adjustable. Thanks to all the adjustments, you can highly personalize it – not to mention that it’s very comfortable for tall people.
And What I Don’t Like?
  • More expensive than other inexpensive back support chairs. You have to pay extra for it (still less than 1/5th of the price of a similar high-end chair).
  • You need to adjust the width of the armrests during assembly as you can only move them up and down once the chair is put together. But, if you do it right, it’d be really comfortable for someone with shoulder pain.
  • It’s hard to put together – luckily, the instructions are very clear.
Duramont Ergonomic Adjustable Office Chair with Lumbar Support

To sum up, I believe Duramont is the best office chair for back support you can get for the money – whether you need it for work, home or gaming.

Other chairs that could compete with it cost at least $800 - $1200 more.

So if you want a quality product but don’t want to overpay, grab your Duramont now:

Final Steps

And what if you haven’t chosen the best office chair for back pain yet? Don’t worry – just go over the list of best ergonomic office chairs once again and click the link next to the chair you like to learn more about it. Just don’t forget to pick the right size as it’s critical, especially if you’re tall.

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